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Breakfast is not included in the room price, but we will be happy to deliver breakfast by order.

Mattila’s small breakfast package for one morning 10 € / person

Breakfast includes a fruit, filled croissant (cheese, ham or vegetable), juice soup, juice, small milk, sweet treat, coffee and tea.

Breakfast by Aaro made on spot 25 € / person, minimum order for 4 people

Hefty breakfast includes small sausages, omelette or scrambled eggs, porridge, cranberry and orange juice, home-made smoothie, bread, butter, cheese, ham, vegetables, sweet treat, coffee and tea.

Tyrvään Pappila
old parsonage

Guesthouse Mattila works in close collaboration with Tyrvään Pappila. This old parsonage is located in the Sastamala city centre and nowadays it hosts events from concerts to art exhibitions, and there’s a restaurant as well.

The guests staying at Guesthouse Mattila can enjoy a meal at Tyrvään Pappila. The distance between Mattila and the centre of Sastamala is about 10 kilometers. Groups are welcome to order themselves a ready dinner from Tyrvään Pappila to be served at Mattila. Find out more about the old parsonage Tyrvään Pappila in here